brunch menu (always subject to change)

biscuit sandwich, bacon, egg, cheese, scallions, rhubarb jam, dijonnaise 15

root vegetable hash, agave citrus sauce, herb salad 16

chilaquiles, red sauce, braised pork shoulder, sunny egg 18

cheddar polenta, mushroom gravy, dill pickled mustard seeds, poached egg 18

fried rice, beef brisket, radish kimchi, asparagus, nuoc cham, sunny egg 20

skirt steak tacos, strawberry BBQ, kohlrabi slaw 15

pancakes, rum apples, shagbark syrup, calvados caramel, whipped ginger butter 16

omelette, cheddar cheese, marinated bok choy 16

carrot and sweet potato tea cake, butterscotch 12