cocktails (always subject to change)

montana 12
bay infused wódka vodka, raspberry syrup, lemon 
our house cocktail; nostalgic and inviting
rocky hollow 15
siembra valles tequila, wood sorrel, mulberry syrup, lime, saline
mild and vegetal with subtle berry

clifty creek 15
paranubes oaxaca rum, red bud honey, lime
floral, delicate and fresh

bicentennial woods 16
johnny smoking gun whiskey, shagbark, maple raisin syrup, foraged bitters
rich, bitter and woodsy
lake of the clouds 14
sunflower shoot infused st. george terroir gin, burnt honey syrup, lemon
bright, herbal and tart
depression cherry 17
del maguey vida mezcal, michigan cherry chili syrup, amaro, lime
dry, smoky and spicy


cottonmouth 10
la gritona reposado shooter, bitter lime, grapefruit chili salt
our house snake bite

non alcoholic

britton bridge 8
wood sorrel green juice, shagbark pine syrup, lemon
tart, bold and juicy

strawberry moon 8
jasmine, strawberry, lemon
light and floral