Spirits List (always subject to change)


beefeater 7

london dry; big juniper character

ford’s 10

london dry; fresh and floral

st. george terroir 11

lush and woodsy with northern californian botanicals

las californias nativo 10

mineral gin with sage and kelp

komasa sakurajima komikan 16

bright, citrusy, distilled with satsumas

askur yggdrasil 5

icelandic; crisp with evergreen and lime zest


plantation 3 star 6

caribbean white rum

amrut old port 6

east indian dark, made from 100% molasses

house spiced rum 8

with amrut old port, vanilla, clove, allspice & star anise

camazotz oaxacan 9

unaged; grassy, vegetal and mildly sweet

smith & cross 9

jamaican with notes of exotic fruits and spice

neisson agricole blanc 8

unaged; floral with notes of strawberry, lime zest and funk


casco viejo 5

pink peppercorn, sweet herbs and honey; carbon neutral

gran centenario plata 10

blended in oak with pear, lime and black pepper

don fulano blanco 13

floral with pineapple and mineral qualities

la gritona reposado 13

vegetal, herbaceous, made by women

siembra valles lowlands 16

plump, fruity, creamy and peppery

la gran señora reposado 11

vanilla, dried apricot and sweet potato; matriarch owned

del maguey vida mezcal 12

ginger, cinnamon, funk and smoke

gracias a dios espadin mezcal 13

dry with sour apple, made using sustainable practices


wódka 5

clean polish rye vodka

helix seven 5

crisp and creamy,  made in iceland with french wheat

titos 9

you know

belvedere organic 13

100% organic polish rye, velvety with vanilla

ketel one 11

smooth with citrus notes


four roses bourbon 11

casual kentucky straight, pear and honey

old forester bourbon 86 10

kentucky straight, tobacco, vanilla and orange

johnny smoking gun 14

made in detroit, savory with lapsang tea, hickory and squash blossom

pinhook flagship bourbon 12

graham cracker, coffee, roasted peanuts, woman led

barrel dovetail 25

cocoa, molasses, burnt marshmallow

old forester rye 100  11

kentucky; black pepper, cinnamon and baked apple

uncle nearest 19

tennessee; woman of color owned, vanilla cream, caramelized sugar, spice

pinhook flagship rye 12

cherry, black tea, toffee, woman led

waterford dunmore 25

irish; single farm origin, liquorice, grapefruit, dark chili chocolate

compass box peat monster 20

scotch; coastal, driftwood fire and orchard fruits

mars iwai 45 12

japanese; apricot, nougat, white chocolate


antica torino rosso 8

rhubarb, vanilla, thyme

antica torino bianco 9

floral with marjoram, sage and coriander

antica torino dry 9

minerals, sage and almonds

amaros, aperitivos, liqueurs & digestivos

rosen bitter rosa alpina 13

single forest botanicals, bay, sweet orange, alpine rose

amaro montenegro 13

bitter, herbaceous, sweet

italicus 12

bergamot liqueur

amaro nonino 15

bittersweet with caramel, vanilla and allspice; woman led

luxardo maraschino 13

made with marasca cherries, leaves and branches

faccia brutto centerbe 14

european herbal liqueur, made in brooklyn

faccia brutto fernet 14

made with 21 ingredients including peppermint, saffron and gentian

zoranj anme 12

haitian rum based orange liqueur

contratto aperitif 7

a vibrant alternative to aperol

strega liquore 12

italian herbal liqueur made with 70 herbs and spices

pierre ferrand cognac 15

mild with fruit and honey

valdespino manzanilla sherry 10

umami with flavors of dried grasses and brine