food menu (always subject to change)

aged alpine style cheese, crackers, honeycomb, rhubarb jam 18

szechuan peppercorn and parmesan gougeres, chili crisp, anise honey 12

chicken wings, citrus agave sauce, marcona almonds 16

paddlefish caviar, dijonnaise, chopped egg, shallot, pickles, crackers 60

red radish salad, radish green ranch, almonds, parmesan, ostrich fern, rhubarb 16

pheasant back mushrooms, cornbread, parmesan 20

spaghetti and roasted peanuts, dame’s rocket pesto 24

rigatoni, chestnut mushrooms, bacon, white pine cream, lemon 26

crispy pork belly, roasted root vegetables, nuoc cham, crispy pig ear, herbs 25

biscuit, pho gravy, fried chicken thigh, cilantro, grilled lime 25

seared black bass and gribiche 26

risotto, littleneck clams, garlic butter, biscuit crumb 25

beef brisket, sunflower shoot salsa verde, celery root puree 32

chicken breast, cranberry beans, stinging nettles 35

pork chop, sauce robert, polenta 38

white pine pot de creme, shagbark maple syrup, peanut brittle 12

carrot and sweet potato tea cake, butterscotch 12